Best Software Development Companies

Businesses can work with software development companies to create everything from mobile and web apps to specialized software platforms to satisfy certain requirements. Some of the biggest businesses in the world rely on the skills of software development firms to create apps and software for both their own internal needs and those of their clients.

There are numerous software firms that provide comprehensive and specialized services for organizations of all sizes. The top organizations in the market, out of the twenty we looked at, were selected based on reputation, specialty, consulting and team building services, and other factors. Here are a few of the top software development firms that may assist organizations with their coding requirements.

The 7 Best Software Development Companies of 2022

1. ScienceSoft

In McKinney, Texas, ScienceSoft was founded in 1989 as a small artificial intelligence (AI) product business. It changed its focus to IT services in 2002 and has since grown to be a top IT consulting and software development firm with over 700 staff members and clients in 60 different countries.

ScienceSoft has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is BBB-accredited. Due to its impressive clientele and extensive global talent pool, it comes in first on our list.

The healthcare, banking, finance, retail, telecommunications, education, transportation, and logistics industries benefit from ScienceSoft’s expert software development. IBM, eBay, Deloitte, Leo Burnett, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Nestlé are a few of the business’ clientele.

ScienceSoft lists custom software development for Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized businesses, software product development for mobile and desktop apps, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products among its main services. These outsourcing services support business growth and digital transformation.

Building on its history, the business has developed into a cutting-edge pioneer in the domains of computer vision, augmented and virtual reality, big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

A product lifecycle management (PLM) tool utilized by major corporations including Coca-Cola, Tesco, L’Oréal, and Procter & Gamble is one of the company’s highlights. Viber, a VoIP and instant messaging service with over 900 million active users worldwide, was also developed by this company.

ScienceSoft uses a mix of fixed price, time and material, consumption-based, and monthly subscription pricing methods, yet its website doesn’t offer any extra information.

2. Intellectsoft

With over 350 workers across five offices and 500 clients worldwide, Intellectsoft was founded in 2007 and specializes in custom software engineering.2 The company’s primary service offerings include UI & UX, DevOps, and mobile app development. Despite not being BBB-accredited, Intellectsoft has received an A+ rating from the organization. It is ranked second on our list despite having a lesser talent pool because of its amazing range of specialties.

Due to its dedication to quality, Intellectsoft has a long list of notable customers, including Universal Studios, Guinness, Eurostar, Harley-Davidson, and Land Rover. The business employs a boutique-style methodology for tailored strategies that support long-term customer relationships. A 360-degree strategy is also used by Intellectsoft to span the entire lifetime of application design, integration, and management.

The first phase in Intellectsoft’s five-step software development roadmap is giving clients access to its elite team of engineers. Clients can also choose from multiple collaboration options designed to scale projects quickly. The business also brags about how its pricing structures, development, and delivery procedures reduce clients’ costs for research and development by up to 50%.

Along with providing quality assurance (QA) services, Intellectsoft also develops customized software and has tested sophisticated corporate software for Fortune 500 companies. To assist its clients in digitizing operations and implementing new technologies, the business can also recruit specialized development teams and offer strategic IT consultancy.

3. Oxagyle

Oxagile is a New York-based software development company that was established in 2005 and focuses on business intelligence, big data consultancy, artificial intelligence (AI), and custom software and online development. It has more than 450 clients across more than 30 industries, including media and entertainment, banking, healthcare, finance, and e-learning.3 Oxagile is accredited with the BBB and has received an A+ rating from the group. As a result of its emphasis on intricate data management, which may be more than most firms require, it ranks third on our list.

For prominent clients including Google, MIT, Vodafone, Telecom Argentina, and Discovery Communications, Oxagile’s list of custom software development services includes online video management, including over-the-top (OTT) streaming media technology, video conferencing systems, and multi-screen apps.

Oxagile uses a tried-and-true agile methodology customized to the requirements and expectations of its clients. To maximize performance and keep flexibility for adjustments along the road, the organization uses active communication and reporting. By upholding code style requirements and industry best practices for source code workflows across all teams, Oxagile also achieves exceptional code quality.

To meet the demands of its clients, Oxagile also provides a variety of engagement formats. To prevent projects from running over budget, the first is project-based and uses fixed bids, a distinct project scope, and a thorough release plan. The time and materials model enables financial flexibility so that clients only pay for the resources used and works best with vaguely stated needs. Finally, Oxagile’s team-based architecture enables its clients to quickly hire highly skilled personnel while cutting costs associated with hiring.

4. DockYard

Custom software, mobile, and online application development are all services provided by Boston, Massachusetts-based DockYard, a digital product business established in 2010.

Being a 100% remote organization, it can easily cooperate digitally and access the top talent from throughout the United States. Despite not being BBB-accredited, DockYard has received an A+ rating from it. As a result of the company’s relative youth and the fact that its entire workforce works remotely, it ranks fourth on our list.

DockYard specializes in product concept and design, engineering, testing and QA, project management, and training and support. The business provides services to a wide range of sectors, including finance, retail, information technology, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and entertainment. Netflix, Apple, Fidelity, Constant Contact, and Harvard University are a few of its clients.

Full-service software engineering firm DockYard provides all facets of developing a digital product, including product strategy, product design, and full-stack engineering. The company also places a high priority on excellent user experience (UI), which is supported by clever usability and meticulous development.

Additionally, DockYard is at the forefront of developing web development technology. For simple migration, long-term maintainability, and security, the company uses tried-and-true open-source technologies including Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Ember.js, React.js, Elixir, and Ruby—technologies embraced by Google, IBM, and Microsoft.

The addition of staff is a further service provided by DockYard. As a result, it may offer its clients short- or long-term staffing support, and they only have to pay for what they actually require. To hasten the success of any project, DockYard can also place its experts inside the businesses of its clients.

5. OpenXcell

A company called OpenXcell specializes in creating open-source software programs like Drupal and WordPress. After a two-year transition into mobile app development, it now has over 400 staff and serves more than 500 clients. The business is not BBB-listed, but has given it a 4.8 out of 5 star rating based on 21 reviews. Due to its opaque price, it is ranked sixth on our list.

Scalability, usability, security, and performance are the four guiding principles that OpenXcell uses to design mobile apps. It provides a comprehensive range of app development services, such as programming, testing, and UI design based on statistical and psychological research.

The additional software development services provided by OpenXcell adhere to the same standards of excellence and openness. DevOps methodology, which promotes clear collaboration between teams and departments for quicker outcomes and code release, and business intelligence, which uses advanced analytics, data management, and data visualization to build user-friendly systems that scale with each business, are a couple of examples.

Customers can get a free, no-obligation quote from OpenXcell even if the company’s website doesn’t list prices. Free market and competitive analysis ideas on revenue models and planning, a rigorous non-disclosure agreement (NDA), a free 45-minute consultation, and an action plan to help clients get their project off the ground are all included in all proposals.

6. SumatoSoft

SumatoSoft, a Boston-based company, has been developing custom software and providing turnkey projects to startups and small- to medium-sized businesses since 2012. The company specializes in high-end web, mobile, and IoT solutions for the logistics and transportation, e-commerce, and ad technology and marketing, as well as education technology. The business is not BBB-listed, but has given it a 4.8 out of 5 star rating based on 14 reviews. Because of its particular, constrained industry emphasis, it ranks sixth on our list.

In comparison to the other companies we studied, SumatoSoft has a smaller workforce, employing about 50 people across 27 nations. Nevertheless, the business has completed over 100 projects successfully and received a 98% client satisfaction rating, including Toyota. The majority of SumatoSoft’s employees are software engineers.

As a tech partner for startups and startup accelerators, SumatoSoft takes great delight in this role. It provides technical app development advice, including project estimates, proofs of concept, and the creation of a minimal viable product (MVP) for early adopters. Additionally, SumatoSoft offers its clients a quick development cycle with a specialized staff that is scalable and flexible.

SumatoSoft, like many of the software development firms we evaluated, doesn’t provide a price list on their website. Customers can, however, ask for a free estimate. Each request’s specifics, including a thorough time and cost estimate, are covered by an NDA.


In 2015, four business professionals with prior experience launching their own independent firms formed in Lisbon. The founders’ first-hand knowledge of creating firms from the bottom up equipped them with a lean product development competence that enables them to accelerate development for their customers. The business is not BBB-listed, but has given it a 4.9 out of 5 star rating based on 17 reviews. Due to its youth and lack of high-profile clients despite positive reviews, it comes in last on our list. developed the company by assembling the finest talent in product, UX/UI, software development, and machine and deep learning because they lacked direct experience in product creation. The company has created a user-centric approach to product innovation and software development focused on deeply comprehending the business needs of its clients before producing anything, along with the founders’ astute business acumen. has fewer than 50 employees, hence it doesn’t yet have a clientele that includes well-known companies. However, it has developed a number of ground-breaking and cutting-edge software solutions for its customers. These include Teezler, a Pinterest-meets-Quora-style platform for cosmetic items, Audio Test Kitchen, which enables audio professionals to analyze the quality of various audio equipment, and a fintech application that enables financial institutions to evaluate the credit standing of offline businesses. provides a price simulator that gives consumers an estimate of expenses based on the scope of their project, in contrast to the majority of software developers who never even bring up the subject of pricing. The business even goes into detail about its Seed program, which enables it to expedite development and production using modules that act as the common framework for most software projects.

What Is a Software Development Company?

Software development Company can aid organizations who are attempting to create their own software by providing assistance or by creating custom apps and software from start for businesses. The majority of enterprises provide a range of services, from end-to-end development and testing to aiding organizations in setting up their own teams.

Any organization intending to create software that will be crucial to its operations or income should think about working with a software firm. These businesses specialize in developing procedures that result in clear, functional software that adheres to spending limits and expands with the company’s needs. Many businesses who design their own software on their own run the danger of going considerably over budget and producing a finished product that falls far short of their expectations.

How Do Software Development Companies Work?

Software development firms first engage with a company to properly comprehend the demands and requirements of the project. Many businesses have all the necessary resources to complete a project from start to finish, if necessary. Most of them provide à la carte services to assist enterprises in creating their own software as needed (extra staff, testing, quality assurance, etc.).

All software is composed of code, which is usually the property of the software development firm. That follows from the fact that an application’s intellectual property (IP) rights may not actually belong to the company that paid to have them created. Each company should be aware of their ability to control the intellectual property (IP) of their own platform.

How Much Do Software Development Companies Charge?

Most businesses do not provide prices on their websites since there are so many factors that affect the scope of software development. Research reveals that software development projects can cost anywhere between $3,000 to $120,000. The minimum project size for many software development companies can go into the hundreds of dollars.

How We Chose the Best Software Development Companies?

For this assessment, we examined over twenty software companies. We looked for businesses that catered to a range of business sizes, had excellent ratings and reviews, and had a long record of esteemed customers. In order to meet any company need, we also sought out businesses that provided end-to-end and à la carte development services. Finally, we made careful to select businesses that placed a strong emphasis not only on individual development but also on team development, training, and project staffing.

The top software development firms ultimately assist an organization in utilizing new technologies without the need for in-house software specialists or concern over low investment returns.

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